Focus on fashion with these 20 New Year’s resolutions that are easy to implement starting right now!

1. Take better care of yourself – It’s easier to find clothes that fit when you’re in shape.

2. Get more exercise – Break in that new pair of sneakers sitting in the back of your closet.

3. Clean out your closet – It’s easier to dress in the morning when you don’t have to sift through outdated clothing.

4. Change your hairstyle – The shag cut you rocked in high school needs to go. Now.

5. Change your style – It may be time to swap out the graphic tees for some designer wear.

6. Elevate yourself – Do you still wear black pumps to work everyday? Consider some wedges or stilettos instead.

7. Stay on trend – Get yourself some fashion magazine subscriptions so you can discover the latest fashion trends.

8. Accept yourself – Realize that you just don’t like going to the dry cleaners. You can freshen dry clean only clothing with a product like Woolite At-home Dry Cleaner.

9. Accessorize more – Now that you know about Woolite, you can invest in some silk scarves and wear them with confidence.

10. Shine more – Make a promise to yourself to wear more jewelry. Jewelry makes you stand out and feel better.

11. Take better care of your clothes – Use a product like Woolite At-home Dry Cleaner to remove odors from clothes.

12. Stand tall – Improved posture will make your clothes fall better on your frame.

13. Stop ironing – Use Woolite Wrinkle & Static Remover to quickly eliminate wrinkles and reduce the time spent behind your ironing board.

14. Hang properly – Invest in the proper hangers for all your clothing needs. Pants should be hung upside down on pant clips; skirts with skirt hooks.

15. Don’t crowd – Leave space in between your hung clothes to clean and freshen special care clothes. This will let the fabric breathe and also reduce the need for ironing.

16. Know when to fold ‘em – Most sweaters should not be hung, lest they stretch or unravel. Leave room in your dresser drawers for bulky sweaters and silk and cashmere clothing.

17. Don’t ignore your furniture – Your comfy fabric couch could probably use a little makeover. A spot remover will do wonders to keep it looking fresh and new.

18. Stop dressing in the dark – Hold your clothing up to natural light before you dress. You may find stains you didn’t even know were there.

19. Be strict – Collars and cuffs require stiffening starch when ironing. Otherwise, they’ll look floppy and sloppy.

20. Don’t use a skinny mirror – Be honest when you view your attire in the mirror. If your lumps and bumps are showing, you might want to forego the spandex mini skirt.

These 20 New Year’s resolution ideas may just take you into next year looking chic and brand new!