Imagine how wonderful it would be to open up your closet every morning and have all your clothes looking brand new. Of course, it’s impossible to keep them looking as new as the day you bought them, but there are some secrets you can learn to keep them looking new for as long as possible.

Secret #1: Don’t Over Launder

Use WOOLITE® At-Home Dry Cleaner to maintain your clothingEvery time you run your clothes through the washer and dryer, your clothes undergo significant wear and tear. Detergents and bleach – even “all-fabric bleach” – weakens the fabric fibers. The dryer lint that you remove each time you run a dryer cycle is actually made up of little pieces of fabric fiber that come off your clothes every time you dry them. If you want your clothes to stay looking fresher longer, don’t over launder. Naturally, clothes get dirty as we wear them, so you do want to clean and freshen special care clothes on a regular basis. One of the gentlest ways to remove odors from clothes, as well as body oils and stains, is to dry clean your clothes. Dry cleaning all of your clothes all the time can be expensive, but if you use a quality in home dry cleaning product like WOOLITE® At-Home Dry Cleaner, you can get the same results as a professional dry cleaner. Your clothes will end up lasting longer and looking newer than if you simply laundered them in a washing machine and clothes dryer.

Secret #2: Store Them Properly

Don’t overstuff your clothes in your closet. Leave plenty of space between hangers so clothes hang freely. Otherwise, clothes can get bunched up and become unnecessarily wrinkled, making it necessary to iron them before wearing, which causes even more wear on the fabric. Ensuring space between each hanger also helps keep your clothes smelling fresh, not musty or mildewy.

For clothes that you store in a dresser drawer, fold them neatly and uniformly. Doing so will help you to quickly locate the item you are searching for without handling all the other items in the drawer, and in so doing wrinkling them and adding body oils from your hands.

Secret #3: Repair in a Timely Manner

If your pants pocket seam is beginning to pull loose, repair it right away. If a button is starting to come lose, remove it and securely reattach it as soon as possible. If your sweater has a snag in it, fix it before it begins to unravel. Taking care of minor apparel mending right away ensures that the problem won’t get too bad that you’re no longer able to repair it. Loose seams can quickly devolve into rips and unsightly tears that make the garment unwearable. Place a mending basket in your clothes closet and place items that need to be repaired in it, so you won’t wear them again until the repair is made.

Now you know the secrets that professionals use to keep their clothes looking new for as long as possible. With a little time and care, you, too, will be able to keep your clothing looking almost brand new.