Whether you've been in the business world for a while, or you are entering into it for the first time, the idea of "dressing for success" is not exaggerated. In many businesses, everyone from the person answering phones in a cubicle to the CEO of the company are often required to maintain either a "business" look or a "business casual" look in order to meet dress code requirements, and possibly draw attention to themselves enough to get considered for that raise or promotion. But when you start looking at the price tags on the latest fashions, there can be a bit of sticker shock. But there are ways to get around paying these high prices so you can actually use part of your paycheck on something other than your wardrobe.

Clean and Freshen Special Care Clothing

When it comes to buying new business clothes, January is the best time to go shopping. Most retailers tend to participate is post-holiday sales that can bring in a lot of deals. If suits need to be in your wardrobe these also go on sale this month and it's also when winter coats start to get marked down. If traveling is in your job description, picking up some new luggage in March is also a great idea. Looking to accessorize? Look for jewelry in March, August, and September.

If your company allows for "Casual Fridays," where jeans are allowed, it's best to hang on through "Back-to-School" season and head to the store in late September after the school kids have the bulk of their fall wardrobe set.

Another shopping option is to look around thrift stores and flea markets. While these options bring a lot of quality used clothing, there are many overstocked new items as well, and you can get some great deals, especially in April. All year round it's a good idea to watch for close out deals of stores that are closing their doors permanently.

Any of these options can help you look great at work, without spending a lot of money, but as you look through your new business ensembles, you may discover that many of the things you have purchased are labeled "dry clean only" , and part of you may wonder if your bargain finds were worth it when you have to head to the dry cleaners to clean and freshen special care clothes. The good news is, you don't ... With Woolite At Home Dry Cleaner you can freshen dry clean only clothing without the high dry cleaning bills, and keep saving money on maintaining your work wardrobe.

Woolite At Home Dry Cleaner is Available in both a Fresh Scent and a Fragrance Free variety, and works in cooperation with your home dryer to remove odors from clothes. Instead of dragging your clothes to the cleaners and having to wait a few days to get them back, your clothes come out of the dryer refreshed and ready to wear in just 20 minutes. Each package contains six garment bags to clean up to 24 garments, and can handle cleaning both natural and synthetic materials including cashmere, silk, linen, wool, and more. Also, unlike many commercial dry cleaners, Woolite At Home Dry Cleaner is non-toxic, and doesn't contain harmful chemicals such as perchloroethylene or trichlorothylene that are commonly used in commercial dry cleaners. Woolite products have been trusted to clean delicate apparel for years, It is only natural that they would step into the world of dry cleaning to clean and freshen special care clothes for business as well.