There must not be much to do during spring-cleaning at Martha Stewart’s house. In her March 2014 issue, Stewart suggests dusting light bulbs when you clean in the spring. If you are like most people, dusty light bulbs are the least of your worries during spring-cleaning. Here are a few home spring-cleaning ideas that actually get the rest of your house clean after a long, hard winter.

Plan on spending as little time and energy as humanly possible on spring-cleaning. Seriously, you are less likely to do a good job or complete the project if the work is too overwhelming backbreaking and time-consuming. Break it down into smaller chores and always use the right tools for the job.

Refresh your home with these spring cleaning tips

Use the Right Stuff

Speaking of the right tools, invest in quality cleaning products that do multiple jobs right the first time; any job is worse when you have to do it twice. Make window washing faster, easier and more fun with a rubber-edged squeegee instead of paper towels or newspapers. Refresh your sweaters and remove odor from your comforters with Woolite’s At-Home Dry Cleaner before stowing them for the summer; use that same product to clean and refresh your summer clothes after storage all winter. This product will remove odors from clothes, even dry clean only clothes. Today’s commercial cleaners produce results so thrilling that you will never want to stop cleaning.

Arm your laundry room with a stain removal chart that tells you how to remove last year’s stains from this year’s summer wardrobe.

Clean in the Right Order

Secure several clean, large plastic storage containers with lids to stow winter decorations, sports equipment and clothing. Position four long strips of masking tape on each side of the container and place one more on the lid. Using a thick marker, write the category or details of the contents you intend to store in that container. Clean all your winter decorations and gear from your home and store safely in these containers.

Dust, clean, and vacuum before you open windows or run fans to avoid blowing dust and dirt around your house. Wear one of those carryall aprons – they store all your cleaning tools conveniently and are quite the fashion statement. Clean bottles by soaking them overnight in a denture cleanser like Efferdent. Stick votive candle holders in the freezer for a couple of hours and the old wax will pop right off. Rinse off dust from your plants in the shower. Use an adhesive lint roller to clean dust from lampshades.

Turn on your hottest fans. No, not your spouse – the overhead fans in your house. Ceiling fans should run clockwise in the winter months to push warm air downward from the ceiling, and counter-clockwise to pull warm air up out of your living space.

Deep clean and shampoo your rugs last, using the open windows and fans to assist drying. Your home is now ready to great the spring.

These spring cleaning tips should help you finish the job quickly and easily. If you still want to dust light bulbs when you are finished with rest of the house, please go right ahead.