You love the look and feel of dry clean only clothing, but you dread the expense. Now you can use these clever cost cutting tips to clean and freshen special care clothes without the time and cost of making endless visits to the dry cleaners.

Iron Without the Iron

Get that fresh-pressed look that the dry cleaners give you without the hassle of spending hours behind the ironing board. Use a wrinkle remover product such as Woolite Wrinkle & Static Remover. With the convenience of a spray bottle, you can rid your clothes of wrinkles and eliminate static cling at the same time. Refresh your favorite delicate fabrics.

Exercise Care

Cut your visits to the dry cleaners in half when you allow your clothes to air properly. Many of the reasons you feel the need to remove odors from clothes are because they are hung up in your dark closet immediately after wearing. Instead of this practice, hand your recently worn clothes in the shower to air out. This will allow any accumulated odors during the day to release from the fabric fibers. Let them hang this way at least overnight. The next morning, tuck them away in your closet as usual.

Try a Sachet

The subtle scent of a sachet in your closet or on each hanger can impart a pleasant fragrance onto your clothes. Use this inexpensive trinket to your advantage to help freshen dry clean only clothing.

Do It Yourself and Save

Rather than bring your garment to the dry cleaners just to treat one small stain, post a stain removal chart in your laundry room and resolve to treat stains yourself. Make sure you stock up on all the usual supplies that stain removal requires, including:

  • Fabric brush
  • Clean white cloths
  • Enzyme products
  • Woolite At-Home Dry Cleaner product
  • Basin for soaking
  • Paint thinner or solvent
  • Bleach
  • Detergent
  • Ammonia

Ensuring that you have all these items on hand will allow you to treat stains immediately so you have the best chance of success.

Learn New Habits

Of course, the easiest and cheapest way to save money on fabric care is to avoid stains altogether. Learn new habits that will protect your clothing from the things in life that stain.

  • Eat at the table instead of on the couch
  • Use a full apron when cooking
  • Attach a hand towel to your apron at the waist to wipe hands on
  • Lay your cloth napkin across your lap when eating
  • Use a napkin bib when appropriate, such as when eating lobster

With a little care and some foresight, you can limit your trips to the dry cleaners and significantly cut down your fabric care costs.