We are anxious to wear our favorite sweaters during winter yet we look forward to storing them during the spring and summer months. Our sweaters get a lot of use and come with a cost so it’s essential we take care of them and store them properly.

  • Protect - After each wear, give your sweater a good shake to remove such things as dust, hair, and lint. Let your perfume, cologne, lotions and deodorant dry or set before putting on your sweater, as the chemicals can weaken the fibers of the sweater.

  • Maintain - Sweater fibers weaken and breakdown from everyday use and activities. Generally, the softer the fabric, the more likely it is to form pills. Synthetic and man-made fabrics pill less than natural fabrics like wool. Depill by laying sweater flat and taut then carefully using a scissors, sweater comb or sweater stone.

  • Clean - Remove odors and stains immediately by following the care instructions on the label. Consider using a product for dry-clean only items such as Woolite Dry Cleaner’s Secret which is a convenient at home dry cleaning product that will refresh your sweater.

  • Store - Store sweaters dry, folded and in dresser drawers or garment boxes. Hanging a sweater will stretch the sweater out of its’ original shape. Plastic bags trap in moisture and can cause mildew which can severely damage the fibers of the sweater.

Follow these simple guidelines to maintain your sweaters so they last and look new and fresh year after year.