Caring for your wardrobe correctly will keep it in good condition, allowing it to look better longer, thus saving you money on replacement costs. Therefore, understanding what you should and should not do when caring for you clothing is a must. Read below for a helpful list of tips that will keep your clothes looking great longer:

Refresh your wardrobe

Caring for jeans:
Avoid washing jeans for as long as possible. The more they are washed, the more they sag and lose shape. If you jeans stink, hang them in the bathroom before you shower to remove odors from clothes. Using an at-home dry cleaner will help your jeans stay fresh between washes. However, when you do have to wash them if they are stained, or just too funky to go any longer, wash them inside out, on the delicate cycle or by hand with a gentle product like Woolite.

Cleaning bras and other lingerie:
Heat reeks havoc on the construction of bras. Therefore, it is best to not put them in the dryer at all. Instead, when you remove bras from the washing machine, smooth out the dents or lumps in the padded cups and then lay them flat or drape them over a coat hanger to dry. When you wash delicates such as lingerie, you should place them in a mesh bag to prevent them from catching on the inside of the washer during the cleaning process.

Dry-clean only and delicate fabrics:
What can you do at home to freshen dry clean only clothing, such as cashmere, chiffon or satin? Well, thanks to WOOLITE’s at-home dry cleaner, you can clean and freshen special care clothes from the comfort of your home. The at-home dry cleaning system will also relax wrinkles and remove stains, body oils and odors from your clothing.

Other general laundering tips for keeping clothes looking great:

  • Turn clothes inside out when washing. If you do this, it will reduce the amount of fading that occurs in colored fabrics.
  • Wash really, really dirty items separate from those that aren’t that soiled. When you are adding clothing into your washing machine, keep those exceptionally grimy ones separate, instead of running them with all your other items. This will prevent the excessive grim from running off onto only slightly soiled items.
  • Do not launder items that produce an abundance of lint with those that pick lint up. Keeping towels separated from items such as synthetics or knits is a good idea. If you don’t, the lint on the towels will end up all over your clothing items.
  • Hang up clothing that is subject to wrinkling immediately after you take them out of the dryer. This will reduce the amount of wrinkles you have to deal with.

The clothing care tips listed above will help you keep your wardrobe in terrific shape, thus reducing the appearance of wear, such as fading, on your valuable investment. Keep them in mind when you buy a new clothing item as following them will ensure you get more bang for your buck out of what you just bought.