You probably look forward to each fall season so you can enjoy all the colors of the falling leaves, watch your favorite professional and college football teams on the weekends or take your favorite sweaters, corduroys and other winter clothing out of storage to keep warm, feel cozy and look stylish.

That last one is a particular favorite for many people who love the colors and comfort found in sweaters. Sweater designers seem to really let their imaginations fly when it comes to sweater color schemes, patterns and materials. You can wear your favorite sweaters for many years to follow when you clean and freshen special care clothes.

Consider trying some of the following sweater weather tips to extend the life of your favorite sweaters. From cardigans to pullovers and beyond, become the zen master of sweater care.

  • Proper Daily Storage of Your Sweaters. Store your sweaters in a place where you have plenty of space to fold them and let them lie flat, or if some materials become creased when you fold them, roll them. The one way you should not store sweaters is by placing them on clothes hangers. Since most sweaters are so heavy, due to the yarns and other fabrics that they will probably stretch in various places if you hang them up, thanks to gravity's pull.
  • Don't Overwash Your Sweaters. You don't need to wash sweaters each time you wear them. Instead, before returning sweaters to their storage spot, let them lie out every other wear. Another option to remove odors from clothes and freshen dry clean only clothing is to hand wash them in cold water and let them lie flat to dry. Take the time to block a lot of the water out of the sweater so it is merely damp instead of drenched. Place each sweater on a dry towel to let it fully air dry before returning it to its storage spot. With the right dryer-friendly products, you can put your sweaters in the dryer at gentle cycles.
  • Send Your Sweaters to Rehab to Recover from Pilling. Anytime you wear a sweater and you accidentally rub up against a wall, the sofa or any surface, you run the risk of creating a pilling spot where small balls of yarn accumulate. Either pick these annoying eruptions off by hand, if you have that much patience, or use a specially manufactured de-fuzzer or sweater stone to refresh your sweater's appearance.
  • Put Your Sweaters into Hibernation Mode in Style. Once spring has arrived, you should take extra care of your sweaters until it is time for them to make their fall or winter appearance again. This critical step is what gives you the extra time you want with your sweaters over the next years. Prevent moths from feasting on any lingering dead skin cells then your sweater's fabric by cleaning them once more before storing them for the warmer months. Wrap your sweaters in sheets of tissue paper then add in some sachets of eucalyptus or lavender, or some cedar disks, for an extra dose of caution against hungry moths.